Chesstronics 2023 Summer Camp Week1 Overview


Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp
Week 1:
Unleashing Creativity and Building Foundation

Welcome to Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp! Designed to introduce kids to the exciting world of robotics, this program offers a hands-on experience with VEX IQ Robotics, a user-friendly and programmable robotics system. Throughout the camp, participants will bring their ideas to life, learn essential STEM skills, and have the opportunity to showcase their creations in future VEX IQ Tournaments.

Benefits of VEX IQ Robotics:

Participating in the VEX IQ Summer Camp offers numerous benefits that can positively impact your future. Some of these advantages include:

Development of problem-solving skills and creativity: Through designing, building, and programming their robots, the kids enhance their critical thinking abilities and foster creativity in finding innovative solutions.

Teamwork, passion, and leadership skills: The camp encourages collaboration and teamwork, allowing campers to learn from one another and develop crucial skills in communication, cooperation, and leadership.

Improvement of computer programming skills: By engaging with the VEX IQ system, campers gain exposure to coding and programming, fostering a solid foundation in computer science that can be applied to real-world scenarios.

Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp Info:

The VEX IQ Summer Camp is a Parent Engaged, Student Driven Project organized by Chesstronics. The camp spans three weeks, with classes held on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10-12 pm. The goal is to empower kids to create, code, and operate their own robots within a span of nine days. Additionally, this camp serves as an opportunity to cultivate interest in VEX IQ Robotics, potentially leading to participation in future VEX IQ Tournaments.

Week One Overview:(06/05 to 06/9)

Day One: Introduction and Robot Ideation

During the first day of the camp, students were introduced to the fundamental concepts of VEX IQ Robotics and the advantages of using this system. They familiarize themselves with some of the essential robot pieces, igniting their curiosity and setting the stage for the exciting days ahead. As an engaging exercise, campers were prompted to learn and understand the different pieces needed to make their own robotis, including axles, gears, motors and beams.

Day Two: Design/Robot Ideas and Presentation

The second day of the VEX IQ competition was filled with enthusiasm as students embarked on a journey to tackle the challenges of this year's game, Slapshot. In order to foster collaboration, the students were organized into five teams, with each team consisting of four members. Together, they invested their time in brainstorming sessions, working towards a shared design that incorporated the unique strengths and ideas of every team member. The classroom buzzed with excitement as each team eagerly presented their individual designs to the rest of the class.

Day Three: Group Building and Building a Drivetrain

On the third day, participants were tasked with building their robot drivetrain together. This activity sparked excitement and enthusiasm as the children embarked on a treasure hunt, searching for the necessary pieces. The campers experienced friendly competition as they raced against each other, motivated to be the first to find specific components. This collaborative exercise not only enhanced their problem-solving skills but also fostered a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.


Week one of Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp was a thrilling and educational experience for participants. From exploring the basics of VEX IQ Robotics and generating innovative robot ideas to building the drivetrain and engaging in group projects, the campers gained invaluable knowledge, skills, and excitement for the weeks to come. The journey of creativity, learning, and exploration continues, promising further growth and inspiring young minds to push the boundaries of robotics and STEM. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting adventures at Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp!