GCA Sponsored Monthly Virtual School Team Tournament

GCA (Georgia Chess Association) Sponsored 
Georgia 2021-Virtual K-12-Grade School  Team Championship ! Entry Fee $12.00 

Chesstronics Students, Gold, Platinum Members Play free in this Tournament! 
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Georgia 2021-Virtual K-5 Elementary Level Championship
Georgia 2021-Virtual Middle & High School Championship(May be merged if less number of High Schools)


When Every Month Last Friday of the Month 

Next Tournament on Feb 26th Friday 26th 2021 5.30 to 8.00 p.m. Right after Tournament, 4 games,  Game review by Chesstronics Coaches NM Vedic Panda, Coach Alex , Coach Suriya & other experts who are above 1800+ rated players. 

List of Pre-Registered Players -> LINK

Who Can Play: Open to all Georgia students in grades K-12

Where: Chesstronics-Virtual Platform link -> https://virtual.schoolchessleague.us/

Registration Link : https://chesstronics.com/georgia-school-team-tournament/


Sections: Elementary School Teams, Middle School Teams, High School Teams.  Each Team minimum 3 players max 6 players. 
Each School maximum 2 teams can participate. 


Entry fee: Entry Fee $12.00 Chesstronics Student Members or Annual Members play free.  

Registration: You must register online by midnight on Last Thursday, before tournament. 

Please note: This is an UNRATED Tournament. Your USCF Rating will not be affected. USCF Membership not required.  

Format for Grades K-12


All Grades:  4 rounds, rated, Swiss-Style tournament, 20 minutes per player with a 5 second delay (G20;d5)

Monthly School Team Selection Tournaments :  for Grades K-12 : $25, $15 , $10.00  Individual  Top 3. and Top School Team for school team selection tournament  (Entry Fee is Free for the Next Quarterly School Team Championship Tournament)

 School Team Championship Tournament(Quarterly) : (School Teams will be invited based on Number of players from a School)   for Grades K-12 Every Quarter (March, June, September, December): $50 for the Team $25.00  for the  Second Place School Team . No Trophies.  No Individual  (SCHOOL TEAMS of AT LEAST 3 PLAYERS ARE ONLY ELIGIBILE NO INDIVIDUAL)   

Information: schoolmaster@schoolchessleague.us

Email for Tournament Coordinators: headcoach@schoolchessleague.us and TD@schoolchessleague.us


Please review tournament entry fee refund policy and online tournament ratings regulations with your child before registering: 

  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this tournament will be held online only.   

  This tournament is USCF Rated, which will impact your "ONLINE USCF Rating" not your current Regular Rating.  

  The Tournament Entry Fee is not refundable unless you inform us via email you cannot attend at least 24 hours before the start of the tournament.    

  To prevent cheating and encourage fair play, we randomly monitor players based on their game performance, our AI Enabled assistance and Tournament Director Game Review Insights.  

  If we suspect a player is using an online tool to aid in their game, we may ask them to share the screen on Zoomor enable their web-cameras, 

  Players found to violating USCF rules by the TDs will have all rights suspended immediately and the tournament entry fee and/or they may be will not be refunded.  The games of suspicious player will not be submitted for USCF rating, we may report unethical play to the US Chess Federation. 

  Please click the following link to know more rules on online rating rules agreements: LINK