VEX IQ Robots Camp Week 1 Overview

Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp Week 1

VEX IQ Robotics is a programmable, snap-together, robotics system designed so kids can learn and use it easily. With this, you can have your code come alive and learn key STEM skills which will transfer into the real world

What are the benefits of VEX IQ Robotics?

Learning robotics will have several benefits which will impact your life greatly! Some of the benefits include:

  • Development of problem-solving skills and creativity
  • Learning teamwork, passion and leadership skills
  • Improvement of computer programming skills

Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp Info

The VEX IQ Summer Camp is a Parent Engaged, Student Driven Project held by Chesstronics to help kids learn how to create, code, and run their own robot in 9 days. The classes are held on Tuesdays-Thursdays for 3 weeks from 2-4 pm.  Furthermore, this can help kids get interested in, and possibly join VEX IQ Tournaments in the future.

Week One Overview:

On day one, students were introduced to the basics of VEX IQ Robotics, such as the benefits of using it. Then they were introduced to some of the pieces. For the last task, the students were asked what they would make their robot do if they had one.

This was a very fun question as it sparked creativity in the kids minds. Some of the answers were, homework bots, math bots and others. It wasn’t all just personal use robots however, one student came up with an idea for a robot that helps people in post natural disasters

A student presenting their robot idea to the class:


Students learning about VEX IQ:


On Day Two, Students continued their presentations of their Robots at the beginning of class. Then they were tasked with identifying certain pieces the instructed were pointed at on a diagram of pieces and finding that correct piece. (shown below)

Afterwards they started to build an important part of the robot called the “chassis”, which is the section that holds the wheels. After this, they were able to test how it moves in the testing board. One important piece they learned where the Omni-directional wheels. These are useful to make the robot turn easier!

Students building a chassis together with the instructors, Coach Aarin and Arjun:

Final product & Testing out the chassis:

On the third day, the kids were split into 2 groups and were told to build a robot per group. This activity was very fun for them as there was lots of searching for the pieces. There was so much competitions for pieces and it was it like a treasure hunt! 

Students building the robot: