VEX IQ Robots Camp Week 2 Overview

Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp Week 2

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In the movie WALL-E, the robot WALL-E spends his time all cleaning up garbage and tidying up Earth. While he does this, have you ever wondered how it is able to move, how it notices and reacts to its surroundings, and how it runs? Well if you want to learn the basis of these ideas, be sure to join the Chesstronics VEX IQ Summer Camp! By joining the camp, you can gain and improve your robotics skills as shown later in this post and even join and compete in VEX IQ Tournaments for prizes.

On the first day (Tuesday), the kids continued to work on the claw bot from last week. They were very excited to continue working on the robot! They aimed to finish it by Tuesday or Wednesday. As they were working on the bot, near the end of class, Coach Arjun decided to give candy to whoever could finish the most by the end of class and also made it so the youngest kid in the group could only work on the robot while the other kids had to help, so no one can get left behind.

On the second day, they finished working on the claw bot from last week and Tuesday. While they were building, there was lots of confusion between the looks of 60 degree and 45 degree angle pieces and it was very challenging and engaging for the students. Overall, the students really enjoyed the development of this robot and are looking forward to their next projects. After this, they learned about the brain (the core of the robot) and how to control it with controllers. 

Learning about the brain:

Learning how to control the robot and testing:

On the last day, Thursday, the students first started off by installing the software needed to start learning how to code their robots. To start, they had to do many things, such as helping with installing the software and connecting to the wifi in everyone's devices and it was done in 30 minutes!

Then they played a game with the robots they made for the majority of class, where there were 3 teams. Each team had to take 3 risers around the board they had to get and put in the respective blue square. However, if the risers were not touching the edges of the squares, another team could take their risers and put it in their own squares.

The students had a ton of fun playing this game and lasted almost 75 minutes!

Setup of the game (The orange things are the risers):

During the last stretch of class, the students observed Coach Arjun teach some basic coding, a simple line that would have the robot move forward until it senses a wall, then go back.