What is USCF Score / Rating? How do I my child get USCF Rating?

When USCF Rating Started? 

USCF Rating started back in 1921. The First Rated Tournament happened in Atlantic City , New Jersey in 1921. USCF Score is the measure of chess skill for any player.

Who has highest Rating? 
The No 1 Ranked Super GrandMaster  Magnus Carlsen FIDE Rating(Europe Follows FIDE Rating system)  which is equivalent to USCF Rating(USA Follows USCF Rating)  is about 2800+

Are there Georgia Top Scholastic Players USCF Rating Listed? 
Yes . USCF Rating for Top 20 Players in K-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12  based on Grade Level in GEORGIA state are retrieved from USCF Site monthly once  in below link -> https://www.georgiachess.org/Top_Scholastic_Players  

How do I get USCF Rating ? 

USCF - US Chess Federation provides USCF ID. Anyone can become a member in uschess.org and get USCF ID. Join and pay annual membership fee $20.00 for Youths for adults $45.00  https://new.uschess.org/join-us-chess

USCF ID is required for any USCF Rated Tournament conducted by our USCF Affiliates .

CHESSTRONICS  is one of the  USCF Affiliate in GEORGIA State. They are authorized to conduct USCF Rated Tournament for players who has USCF ID. 
After the tournament , it will take anywhere from  1-3 business days , the players rating will be updated in the site uschess.org and search the player name and find rating.