1. My son is a rising 4th grader. Should he do the K-3 camp or the 4-5 camp?
   - He will be in the 4-5 Camp. 
2. Is the camp virtual or in-person? If in-person, what social distancing guidelines would you be following?
  - We are planning a Hybrid for Robotics only.   Mostly Wednesdays will be in-person.  We follow Georgia State Guidelines for public places.  All Students , Staffs must wear masks for those 2 hours of learning.  It is optional to attend in-person. All parents / guardians have to sign a liability waiver form(will be sent after registration and payment)  .They can watch online as well. Our staff will be at our chesstronics center. at Cumming - Address: 1675 Peachtree Parkway Suite#160, Cumming GA on wednesdays. 
3. Is the camp timing both 10am to noon and 2pm to 4pm on the 3 days each week?
  - For the Robotics subject it will be 10am to noon.  For other subjects - Chess and Coding it will be completely online and will be afternoon 2pm to 4pm. If you choose 2 subjects, you have to attend both morning & afternoon sessions. 
4. Is any prior experience needed? My son has done some basic scratch coding.
   - Not required of any experience. They need to have laptop / desktop access and  need to know how to download some software and install software  from certain links.  Only Windows laptop/desktop is preferred. No IPAD/TABLETS  or MAC.