"Searching For Bobby Fischer" - $5000 Chess Scholarship Program

"Searching for Bobby Fischer" - Chess Scholarship Program $5000.00 Every Year (Sponsored by Private Fortune 2500 Corporations - Internship Opportunities)  

Note: This Scholarship program is only for  K-12 -Scholastic Chess Players at least 800+ rating level. (Not for College Students)  More Players play in this online tournament the scholarship reserved money may go higher! 

"Chesstronics" is a USCF Affiliate (CHESSTRONICS  (A6047598) for 10+ years) and Chesstronics Academy  teach 1000+ students in Chess, Robotics, and Coding!  We have 25+ Coaches from Expert Rating to National Master/ IM/GM , Globally who teach our Patented Curriculum online across USA LOCATIONS . The Academy sponsors 10 players every year up to $500 each player on Scholarship.  5 Boys(K-5 - 1, Middle School - 2 , High School - 2) and 5 Girls(K-5 - 1, Middle School - 2 , High School - 2)! 

Who will be eligible to apply?  
1. K-12 Scholastic Chess Players with at least Grade 3.0+  

2. Active USCF membership + USCF Rating at least 800+ 
3. Essay Submission on Why you qualify for this Scholarship? 
4. At Least have Played 3 tournaments in our Monthly Bobby Fischer Tournament.
5. Chess Volunteer Hours at least 25 hrs.
Submission Deadline April 30th,  2021
Email : scholarship@chesstronics.com


FORTUNE 2500 Corporations who are Interested to hire Interns, Chess Experts, Chess Enthusiasts! 


(Every 2nd  and 4th  Saturday of the Month - Online Rapid Tournament) 

Total Monthly : $1350.00 

Week2  : 

Girls Only   U800/U1600 - 3   ($100.00, $75.00, $50.00)
Boys Only   U800/U1600 - 3  ($100.00, $75.00, $50.00)

Week4  : 

K-12 Rapid Online Championship
U1000/U1600/U2200  - 3  Each Section ($100.00, $75.00, $50.00)

Playing Platform: https://classroom.chesstronics.com/

Swiss-Style, 4 Rounds at G/20 +5, USCF Online Rated. ONL Rating only will be impacted. 


All Students please register via link ->  https://hello.chesstronics.com/bobby-chess-scholarship

Registration Closes : 12.00 noon EST before 4 hrs of tournament starts.

After you fill the form, all payments are made at our Add to Cart Link  

*COACHES: please feel free to ask your students to fill your name in above form.  We will send $20.00 for each student you refer. 


To make this experience great for all, participants will be expected to:

  1. Commit to playing all 4 rounds of the tournament.

  2. Arrive at the tournament at least 15 minutes prior to the start time (4:00 pm) of the first round. Players will be able to access the tournament 15 minutes prior to the start at 4:00pm

  3. Play with integrity and sportsmanship.

  4. Online ZOOM Link will be posted for any questions/technical / internet issues (Optional to join).

  5. Join our whatsapp group link (optional)