Friday Night Fights G/20+5 Quads $15)

Who:   Open to all USCF Members

Sections: Open and Scholastic Quads

Time Control: G/20+5

Rounds: Monday evening 7:00, 8:15, and 9:30

Prizes:  1st = $35

Registration and Payment:   $15

This tournament uses a time control intentionally kept below 30 minutes. Time controls between 30 minutes and one hour and 5 minutes are dual rated; They affect both your quick rating and your normal rating.  By using a time control below 30 minutes, we allow  players to enjoy an evening of chess without risking hard won rating points in more casual play. Games are rated, but only the Quick rating is affected.

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Friday Night Fights G/20+5 Quads $15)

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