STEAM - VEX GO -K-3  Basic Robot Building Learning
VEX-GO (K-3)  Basic- Robot Building Classes 
This is for anyone Rising 1st graders to 3rd Grade. 

Program & Curriculum Details:

Our curriculum creates a balance between use of technology and the development of interpersonal skills – much needed in our 21st century. This is a 12 weeks program.

Week 1: Introduction to Robots

Week 2: Intro to STEAM Robotics and AI

Week 3: Hands On Modeling – Robotics Hand, Table Top

Week 4: Hands On Modeling – Doodle Robot and Solar Robot

Week 5: Advanced STEAM Robotics: Precision, Patience and Practice

Week 6 – 8: Spheros Programming

Week 9: Real Life Applications for Robotics

Week 10: Careers in Robotics (VEX/FLL)

Week 11: Intro to Vex GO K-3

Week 12 : Transition to VEX IQ

1. Parents Consent Form 


STEAM - VEX GO -K-3 Basic Robot Building Learning

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