VEX IQ Robotics Camp Week 3 Overview

VEX IQ Robotics Camp Final Week Overview

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The third week was the last week of the robotics camp for this batch of students, the next three weeks of class will start on Tuesday, July 6th! 


That week, the goal was to code your robot to navigate a maze , get a riser and move it into a different position. So on the first day, the students started by learning some basic code functions needed to complete the task. These were such as movement commands, turning commands and having the robot open and close its claws. So after this, they started experimenting with the commands.

The Track (Starts on top right) - 


On day two, the kids spent the day trying and experimenting with different code to see how it would work. But halfway through the class, students started assuming that the other teams have been sabotaging each other (Deleting their code, or messing up their parts) in order to get an advantage (because  for finishing first was candy). It was a very funny mess, but still progress was made since the “sabotage” cases weren’t that extreme.

Finally, on the last day of the camp, the students were finishing up their task. Most were close to perfecting their code, and a group even finished a bit before an hour into class. Still, the sabotage games were still going on, this time with stealing wheels and stuff, but since there were still extra wheels, it didn’t matter much except being fun! Once everyone finished, the parents were told to come in and were shown a demo of the project the kids did and then took pictures of the teams and their robots after. As it ended, everyone was sad that they wouldn’t be able to go to the camp again, and see their friends, but there are more robotics classes going to happen from August, so the kids were excited and wanted to join that.

Team 1 - 

Team 2 - 

Team 3 -